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Investment + À la carte Serivces

We offer our portfolio companies a suite of services to enable their growth.
We provide a value-add offering to fund operational services for your company. This can be applied to a variety of approved vendors and service offerings with whom you will work directly to ensure your vision is captured. The services offered will be à la carte. You use what you want when you need them and the contractors bill us NOT you.

1. Investment

Investing In Your Growth

Our focus is on startups with the potential to disrupt industries and redefine markets. Whether it’s cutting-edge technology, revolutionary business models, or groundbreaking products, we seek out entrepreneurs who dare to think differently. Our investment is more than financial; it's a commitment to shared success.

2. Professional Office Space

A dedicated, purpose built space for team to thrive

The office space boasts a contemporary design, characterized by sleek lines and ergonomic furnishings that promote productivity and comfort. The space features ample natural light, fostering a vibrant atmosphere conducive to creativity. State-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates throughout, enhancing connectivity and efficiency. Whether it’s a brainstorming session in a collaborative area or a confidential meeting in a private room, our office spaces are equipped to handle all your professional needs.

3. Managed IT

Peace of Mind with Managed IT

Our Managed IT Services are designed to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. We proactively monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure, identifying and resolving potential issues before they become problems. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

4. Professional Services

Tap into our network of trusted vendors

Our investment philosophy extends beyond financial capital to include a vital aspect often overlooked: access to a curated network of approved vendors and professional services. This access is a cornerstone of our value proposition, providing our portfolio companies with an à la carte selection of top-tier resources and expertise. ‍ We believe in creating a robust ecosystem where businesses can tap into a diverse range of services, essential for scaling and optimizing operations.

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