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At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to not just invest, but to ignite and foster growth. We specialize in nurturing early-stag ventures, particularly in sectors where our expertise shines brightest, like food and Agritech. Our approach is holistic, going beyond mere funding to offer a robust, service-based support system that sets our portfolio companies on a path to flourish and thrive.

Photo of Chance Wright, Robert Poltrino, and Jaydn Mirich. Our CEO, Chief Acquisition Officer, and Chief of Staff.
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Our Story

Founded In 2020

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We believe in the power of innovation to transform the world, and our goal is to nurture and scale the ideas that will lead this change. Skull Diamond and Heart Capital was founded by Chance Wright in 2020 in Rochester, NY, our mission is to empower the brightest minds in the food and aggrotech sectors.

The mentality is simple – invest, catalyze, and prosper. 
Invest – Fund innovative early stage technologies that pair well with our areas of expertise. 
Catalyze – Provide exceptional operational support for our portfolio on a services built basis. 
Prosper – Help form the foundation for portfolio companies to grow organically and profit.

9+ Companies & Growing

Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the food and Agritech sectors. Each company we invest in is selected for its potential to disrupt and redefine the market. From startups to growth stage ventures, our portfolio is diverse, yet united by a common thread: the ambition to create a significant, positive impact.

Our holistic approach extends beyond mere financial support, as we offer a suite of tailored services, including access to a curated network of vendors and industry experts. This robust ecosystem ensures that our portfolio companies are not just equipped to grow but are also poised to thrive and lead in their respective fields.

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