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We cultivate high-quality Spirulina, Spirulina (specifically the strain we grow: Arthrospira platensis) is a non-toxic cyanobacterium. Our Fresh Spirulina is locally grown and never-processed serving as the perfect foundation for your nutritional needs by providing your body with vital antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based protein. Fresh Spirulina maintains the integrity of its nutrient-dense properties ensuring that you get the highest quality, potent and bioavailable algae.

We Are The New Farmers

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Spirulina (specifically the strain we grow: Arthrospira platensis) is a non-toxic cyanobacterium. However when grown in large outdoor ponds with bad culture management, the less than ideal conditions can result in contamination of A. platensis with other strains of algae that produce microcystins, which are toxic to humans.We cultivate our high-quality Spirulina in enclosed tanks with a controlled environment to ensure perfect growing conditions that naturally exclude other algae from entering the system. Only algae that pass our strict quality standards will be shipped to our customers.


Contamination with heavy metals is a big concern in Spirulina production and is normally the result of a contaminated water source. We conduct regular water quality tests on our cultivation water, and we filter the water before it enters our cultivation tanks to eliminate any remaining solids and organics in the water.In addition to that, we evaluate every harvested batch under the microscope to look for microcystin-producing algae and send samples to third-party labs to test for all common contaminants.


It might sound counterintuitive, but organic is not a sign of quality when it comes to spirulina. The USDA requires farmers to use an organic source of fertilizer like manure to be certifed organic. Due to the nature of the algae cultivation process, it is impossible to remove all of the manure during harvest, and remnants end up in the final product.We grow indoors in a 24-hour controlled environment that is free of pesticides and herbicides, and we only use food-grade salts and minerals as nutrient sources to replicate the natural environment of spirulina. We are 100% free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals to ensure the best spirulina possible.


“Blue Magic” sounds cool - but be aware you might not get what you want. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, which means it contains a blue and a green pigment, two extremely powerful antioxidants. To achieve the bright blue color of “Blue Magic” you need to chemically strip away the green pigment. That’s cool if you want to go for highly-processed Smurf nutrition - but we are here for unprocessed, real food.

We Are The New Farmers
We Are The New Farmers
We Are The New Farmers
We Are The New Farmers
We Are The New Farmers

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