Fable Food Co

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Fable Food Co

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Mushroom Based Meat Replacements
New York

The Fable

So here’s a true story: a vegetarian, a celebrity chef, and a mushroom geek walked through the woods… (cue ray of light) and discovered a more high five-awesome way to eat.
Want to eat less meat but get a tear in your eye sacrificing your flavour? Well here’s a Fable for you.

Fable is made from Shiitake mushrooms whose dense, fleshy fibres and umami flavours are naturally meat-like. It’s juicy. Meaty. Satisfying. Just don’t call this your regular plant-based meat, because it’s so much more than that.

So go ahead, cheat on meat, we won’t tell. Tuck into simple ingredients, mindfully made – and enjoy umami meaty goodness, sans meat.

Say hello to our ingredients

We believe that real food is best, and craft our products with ingredients you’d recognize.

We're strictly free from GMO, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. It's food with nothing to hide, and as real as it should be.


Discover what our in-house mushroom guru has known for years – the ‘shroom is not just mighty in flavour, but also jam packed with anti-oxidants and immunity boosting goodness.

Enjoy the tastes and dishes you love while going meat-free with this nutrition powerhouse.

Fable Food Co
Fable Food Co
Fable Food Co
Fable Food Co
Fable Food Co

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